Who can attend school board meetings?

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School boards must meet in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act and make public records available pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and Texas Public Information Act. Citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend all school board meetings. If unable to attend the meetings, citizens are welcome to read about board action in the local newspaper or in the summaries provided by the Administration Office the following day. Minutes are not available or official until approved at the following regular meeting of the Board. During a meeting, there are legally specified circumstances that call for an adjournment to closed session for discussion and consideration. These circumstances include personnel matters, land acquisitions or sales, legal consultation, and student or employee hearings. All votes, however, are taken in public. Public participation at board meetings is limited to the open forum portions of regular meetings and public hearing agenda items. The audience shall not, at any other time during a board meeting, enter into discussion or debate on matters being considered by the school board. Matters not resolved satisfactorily at the campus level should then be brought to the district administrator who oversees that program and then finally to the Superintendent prior to a forum with the Board.