Howe ISD has provided a decade-long revolutionary learning environment for students by integrating technology into every classroom.  This process began in 2007 with the future Class of 2016 when they were fourth graders.  Evaluations, surveys, and standardized test scores determined the impact on education, with teachers and administrators reporting on the change from traditional to collaborative learning.  Over time, our fledgling 1:1 program became rooted in our school community, and technology soon became a part of a program with a greater goal:  student-centered teaching.

    The SPIKE (Sparking Personalized Innovation for Knowledge and Education) Initiative now provides a device for every student from 3rd grade through their senior year.  Staff development focuses on familiarizing teachers with devices, apps, and programs which encourage investment in using technology as part of their daily classroom routine.  Teachers incorporate digital citizenship, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to help foster collaboration in our students.  The technology team coordinates with administrators and staff to improve training for devices in our 1:1 program.  Thanks to this cooperation, we can take pride in a school district which embraces 21st century technology and learning.

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