• clever
    Clever is a site that imports users from TxEIS and then allows you to use that information to login to other sites. 
    Click Here to access Clever!
    You should use Clever to access these applications:
    • Learning.com
    • BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.
    • CommonLit
    • Study Island
    • Education Galaxy
    • iStation
    The second method are sites that it can remember your password once you login.  On these, you login the first time and it will remember those from then on.  You can login to these sites on your own but we would still recommend using Clever.  Those applications are:
    • McGraw-Hill
    • Discovery Education
    • Accelerated Reader
    • Eduphoria (for student testing)
    • Holt McDougal Online
    • Mystery Science
    • Pearson Realize
    • MStar
    This second list includes most of our textbook sites.  Below is a listing of what each book site has based on grade levels and a link to the site. 
    On ALL of the sites below the student login is the same.  It is their email address as their username (last.first@howeisd.net) and their password is Hb and then their student ID number followed by an exclamation point (Hb######!).
    For example, Charlene David in Kindergarten would login as:
    password would be Hb320099! for any of the sites listed below. 
    Howe ISD Available Digital Textbooks
    Site Subject Grade
    Pearson enVision Math K-5
    Pearson Social Studies K-5
    Pearson Texas History 6
    Pearson American History 7
    Pearson World History 8
    Pearson US History HS
    Pearson American Government HS
    Pearson Economics HS
    Pearson Integrated Physics & Chemistry HS
    ThinkCentral Science Fusion K-8
    HMH Ed Into Reading K-5
    HMO World Geography HS
    McGraw-Hill Psychology HS
    McGraw-Hill Sociology HS
    McGraw-Hill Algebra I HS
    McGraw-Hill Algebra II HS
    McGraw-Hill Geometry HS
    McGraw-Hill Literature 6-12
    McGraw-Hill Precalculus HS
    McGraw-Hill StudySync 6-8
    Learning.com Inquiry Bundle 5 & 8
    iCEV Digital Resource HS
    AR Accelerated Reader K-8



    Please contact the IT department at (903) 745-4020 if you have any questions.