Welcome to Kindergarten!

  • Kindergarten is the first step a child takes toward building life-long learning skills.  The learning activities presented are geared to the child’s developmental readiness and needs – which help students begin to create a strong foundation for reading, writing and communication. We love learning centers, using math manipulatives, calendar activities, and language activities. We work on teaching letters, sight words, numbers to 100 and shapes – and all about the state of Texas.

    Come visit Kindergarten at Howe Elementary. You will love to see all the learning we do.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

  • Students should strive to:

    • Be on time to school – tardy if late after the 8:10 bell
    • Be at school every day, unless running a fever or have a contagious infection
    • Practice Sight Words every day
      There are some very good sight videos on YouTube to which your child can sing and dance. Heidi Sight Word Songs are a good example.
    • Work on handwriting skills
      The students are expected to form the letters inside the lines.
    • Work on counting to 100


    Tips for Parents:

    • Read to your child every day
    • Check and sign your child's folder every day
    • Remove notes and papers that do not need to be returned to school
    • Work with your child so they can learn how to spell their first and last names