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    The Howe ISD cheerleaders not only support athletic programs and lead the crowd before and during games, they also play an instrumental role in raising, leading and maintaining school spirit in and around their communities. In short, they are leaders in building general morale within Howe ISD while maintaining a sense of enthusiasm, pride, teamwork and integrity.

    Being among the most visible and recognizable representatives of the school, the cheerleading squad is in a position of great influence; therefore, high standards of character, conduct, and academics are essential. Cheerleaders’ actions and behavior are under constant observation by their peers and the community at large. Positive personal behavior and squad cohesiveness demonstrate these standards. Appropriate behavior will help earn respect of the student body, which is the core of developing effective school spirit and student involvement.

    Cheer squad activities should center on leading and directing the cheering of student or adult fans. True school spirit is developed and enhanced by creating a cooperative spirit among members, athletes, the school community, school administrators, and the community at large. Cheerleaders should recognize outstanding plays and good sportsmanship on the part of all teams - and aid the school and game officials in the promotion of good sportsmanship and in the administration of the contest.  


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