About Our Department

  • The Howe ISD Transportation Department strives to provide safe, efficient and dependable transportation for the students of the district as this is an important service within the educational system. The members of the Transportation Department conduct themselves as professionals, dedicated to caring for the people they serve.

    Our mission is to be progressive in thought and action as we plan for the present and the future. Working together, we will provide the safest and best service possible. When this is accomplished, we can be proud of the contribution that each of us has made in preparing our students for the future.


    The Howe ISD Maintenance Department endeavors to support quality instruction and learning by providing safe, clean, and comfortable facilities on a daily basis. Areas of responsibility include the management and maintenance of the three school campuses as well as the sports complex, auxiliary gym and the ag facilities.

    While not directly involved in the day-to-day classroom, we are privileged and honored to help support the educational mission of Howe ISD by ensuring the safety and comfort of our facilities.


    For questions or concerns please contact Brett Williams 

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