CTE | Business

  • This comprehensive program provides students with meaningful instruction both for business and about business, while being flexible and adaptable to the needs of industry and society. Students are provided broad, transferable concepts and competencies that allow them to enter the job market with the ability to function in new and emerging technological occupations as well as to reach maximum potential in higher education.
    Basic skills such as reading, writing, computation and computer technology expertise comprise the foundation of all Business Education courses. Introductory and upper-level courses integrate academic and critical thinking skills for a complete understanding of the functions of business and the implications for personal life skills. Major tasks emphasize developing effective oral and written communication, preparing and analyzing business records, operating appropriate equipment, utilizing software, and developing necessary knowledge and skills to interact successfully with others.
    The student organization that provides extracurricular involvement for those enrolled in Business Education is Business Professionals of America (BPA). BPA contributes to the advancement of leadership, citizenship, personal growth, academics, and technological skills. This organization serves as a cohesive agent in the worldwide networking of education, business, and industry. Competitive events enhance career/job preparation, workplace competencies, self-confidence, and the instructional program.


    45710 / 45720
    Grade Placement.......11-12
    Credits........................3 (Application Only)
    Prerequisite...............Keyboarding or Equivalent, Instructor or Career Counselor Approval
    Business (BCIS) Career Preparation is a study of various systems and administrative procedures that enable a worker to manage or function in the work place. Students enhance technology and communication skills as they use procedures such as telecommunications or electronic record management. This is an "on-the-job (co-op)" training course of various systems and administrative procedures that enable a worker to manage and function in the workplace. Students are required to work in a business/office job for at least 15 hours a week, in addition to classroom instruction where students enhance technology and communication skills as they use office procedures such as telecommunications and electronic record management. This course satisfies the Technology Applications credit required for high school graduation. Students may earn a P.E. waiver of ½ credit per semester.
    Grade Placement.......11-12
    This course introduces law and the origins of the legal system. It provides insight into the evolution and development of laws that govern business in our society, and develops an understanding of how organization and operation of the legal system impact business. This course develops an understanding of rights and duties within the business environment and includes contractual responsibility. It also includes information on the protection of individual rights in legal relationships relative to warranties, product liability, secured and unsecured debts, negotiable instruments, agencies, employer-employee relations, property ownership and transfer, landlord and tenant, wills and estates, community property, social security, and taxation. Business Law provides an understanding between the differences of criminal and civil law as well as the responsibilities and rights of minors.
    Grade Placement.......11-12
    Prerequisite...............Business Image Mgmt and Multimedia (Application)
    This class will be an interactive class between students and teachers to help implement and support web design and video in the schools. This will give the students a hands-on approach to web design and video production. They will learn to storyboard, develop client relationships, analyze projects, and implement projects.