STARR tests for Sophomores will include English 2 (combined reading and writing test) and Biology (if not taken in Freshman year).


     College Preparation Checklist

    10th grade

    ·         Take challenging classes in English, mathematics, science, history/geography, foreign language, technology and arts.

    ·         Continue to investigate colleges and take advantage of College Fairs for easy access to information.

    ·         Continue to talk to adults in a variety of professions to determine what they like and dislike about their jobs and what kind of education is needed for each kind of job.

    ·         Become involved in school or community-based extracurricular activities that interest you and enable you to explore career interests.

    ·         Continue to build your high school resumes & portfolios.

    ·         Research and meet with the counselor to discuss colleges and their requirements.

    ·         Plan to do something unique or interesting this summer -- vacations, mission trips, community service, part-time job, volunteer work, etc.

    ·         Continue to save money for college.