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Most early settlers moved to Howe to farm its rich black soil.  By the late 1880's, Howe had become the largest grain shipping center in Texas. Due to its fertile land, agriculture is still an important industry in the community. The main crops grown in Howe are wheat, grain, sorghum and corn.
Wheat farming
In the 1970s, most Howe farmers made the transition from cotton to wheat and corn. Today, local farmer, Jack Norman says his family grows Soft Red Winter Wheat, whereas about 80% of Texas grows Hard Red Winter Wheat. With an average rainfall of about 39 inches, Howe wheat crops grow very similar to what is grown in Illinois.

Now farmers like Jack Norman have learned some new ways to make a profit from their wheat crops. Norman is president and managing partner of the wheat strawboard plant in Whitewright called Durra Building Systems. Durra buys wheat straw from 43 area wheat farmers to make building materials.

For more information see Norman Venture, Inc.
Wheat farming  
Jack Norman
Most people may not realize there are many different types of corn. When most of us see corn growing in a field, we think it will be sold as corn-on-the-cobb in a local store or maybe sold canned or frozen as a vegetable to enjoy at dinner.  The corn grown in Howe is used for many different purposes such as grain for livestock and for use in ethanol gas.


Area Farms
Not all Howe farmers produce crops. Phillip Wildman Farms 
use their land for livestock as well as growing crops.
Akins Farms and Renfro Farms also produce wheat, grain, sorghum and corn.


Southwest Auction Company
Southwest Auction Company is our area's largest seller of farming equipment.

Farming equipment

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