Howe Middle School

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Student Laptop Information 

Students in grades 6 - 8th are issued laptops to use for classroom work.  Students in 7th and 8th grade are allowed to take the laptops home on a nightly basis, if their parent/guardian has signed the appropriate documents.

Student Laptop Orientation 

During student laptop orientations, students in grades 6 - 8 are informed of the district's policy on devices damaged by students.  Students are then given a copy of the "Student Computing Guidelines & Acceptable Use Policy Forms"

Student Responsibilities:

1. Students are responsible for keeping up with their devices at all times.

2. Students should return their devices to the classroom cards for charging during, lunch, P.E., Band, and at the end of each school day (7th and 8th grade students with approved parent paperwork can take laptops home daily).

3. Students should never leave their devices unattended.

4. Students should never place their device on the floor or ground.

5. Students with issues requiring technology helpdesk attention, need to report the service issue to their designated grade level technology advisor:

6th grade - Phyllis Gudgel

7th grade - Rick Stewart

8th grade - Angela Haynes

6.  Only these designated grade level technology advisors have the authority to issue new student devices or spare student devices.

7.  Students who have broken a device screen or key from the keyboard should report this issue to their grade level technology advisor and then will be sent to the Assistant Principal or Principal to access damage charges. The Assistant principal or principal will contact parents about the damage and the charges that need to be paid. 

8.  Damaging or losing a district owned devices is like damaging or losing a textbook.  They must be replaced by the campus so therefore the campus will collect the damages from the students. 

9.  Students will not be issued another devices until the damages have been paid for or until at least payment arrangements have been made with the student.

10.  Damaged units are sent to Xpress cellular in Allen for repairs and costs for repairs are listed below:

      -  Broken laptop screens -- $110

      -  Broken keys from laptops -- $45 (entire keyboard has to be replaced; individual keys cannot be reattached)

      -  Missing or damaged laptop chargers -- $25

      -  Broken ipad screens -- $120

      -  Missing or damaged ipad cables -- $10

      - Missing or damaged ipad charging blocks -- $20

11.  Each grade level teacher will have one (older model) computer made available to them to lend a student for use in the classroom only.  This is being done for students that have damaged their computer and are paying out the damages.  The student can use this classroom computer in that classroom only while they are paying off damages. Once the student/parents have paid off damage charges, the student will be issued a device that can be taken from class to class by the student and can be taken home by 7th and 8th grade students only with their approved parent paperwork.